Cartridge with active carbon core
and wound PPFDA washed yarn

Cartridge with active carbon core  and wound PPFDA washed yarn

This special type of cartridge is made with an active carbon core around which we put a PP yarn FDA approved. Upon request the yarn can undertake a washing process to remove all impurities that could contaminate the liquid in which the yarn is used.
The goal of this carbon core is to provide a double filtration. The liquid are pre-filtered via the PP wound yarn and then go through the core of the cartridge which provides another layer of filtration.


This type of cartridge is ideal to remove lead,chlorine and other contaminants.

Technical specifications

This cartridge has an external diameter of 66mm and an internal diameter of 29 mm. It is available in different sizes, 9“, 10“, 20“ and 30“ inches with a nominal filtration degree of 5 micron

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